A garden composting toilet to make you feel good

Garten Trenntoilette

We received these wonderful photos of a garden composting toilet from Renate, along with some description. She told us that she is already planning to build a second composting toilet. We will also be allowed to publish this self-build in the blog of meineTrenntoilette.de. We are already excited. If you don't want to miss the numerous conversion and DIY reports, sign up for the newsletter.

But now we are making Renate's report available to you:

Garden toilet with chemicals or not?

Garden toilet with chemicals or not? This question came up when I was in my friend's garden for the first time. Not having a toilet is not an option for me, but neither was the existing chemical toilet in a small house. So the project was determined.

While cleaning out the attic, we found a living room cupboard that was no longer usable. I wanted to use part of it as a "rack" for the toilet, as the dimensions fitted. No sooner said than done: I ordered the dividing insert, a toilet seat was still available, the cupboard was sawn to size, the door was adjusted. Then the insert came.

Which parts are necessary:

  • Privy 500 divider in blue
  • Toilet seat (e.g. from a DIY store)
  • Solids container
  • Urine container
  • A housing, like here - old cupboard

Garten Trenntoilette

The cut-out was marked and sawn out according to the template, the insert was mounted, the door was fitted and then the exciting moment: test sitting and the disillusionment: the hole cut-out was too far back through the door. So I disassembled it again, marked it out again and cut it out. Fortunately, the insert has a wide edge so that the correction is not visible. The toilet seat was fitted, tested again, it fits.

Garten Trenntoilette

The toilet was loaded onto the trailer and driven into the garden. In the meantime we had also gutted and cleaned the cottage, laid wooden tiles for the floor and redid the roof. Now it was tight. The toilet was placed in the hut, the vessels installed and everything tested again. As I am relatively tall, there were objections because of the height of the toilet. Without further ado, I built a wooden step out of waste wood, which can be removed when you need to reach the canister. The toilet is now used with pleasure and has already brought in a lot of positive feedback.

Garten Trenntoilette