Absolutely successful! Innovative self-construction of a composting toilet

Peter has provided me with his very successful report on building a dry composting toilet. He took a very innovative approach and built a designer composting toilet for his motorhome.

The pictures impressed me a lot and so I don't want to withhold the self-build of the dry composting toilet from you. But see for yourself.

An idea is born

Peter plans to build his own dry composting toilet similar to the pre-installed Thetford motorhome toilet.

He doesn't want to restrict the limited space in the motorhome bathroom even more and so he is thinking about how he can copy the Thetford toilet.

At first he wanted to build a rotating toilet bowl, but then he decided against it. The whole construction would simply have been too high. He came up with the idea of using epoxy resin to recreate the standard camper van toilet.

Do-it-yourself construction of a dry composting toilet

As you can see in the picture on the right, he made a wooden frame based on the old toilet. As the wet room is very narrow and the bowl has to be placed at an angle of about 70 - 90 degrees to the lower part, the self-construction of the composting toilet took some time.

Unterkonstruktion für Trockentoilette


Peter lined the spaces between the wooden construction with Styrodur hard foam boards.

These could be cut to size perfectly. He was then able to insert them and finally glue them together. The future final shape of the toilet could then be easily reshaped.

Finally, the complete composting toilet was laminated with epoxy resin and fabric. Peter bought the Privy 501 urine separator for his composting toilet from MeineTrenntoilette.de.

Wohnmobil Nasszelle

On the left you can see the wet cell of the motorhome. This will be the place for the composting toilet.

The picture on the right shows the fully installed composting toilet.

Peter has fitted the urine container so that it can be removed via the existing disposal flap, as can the solids bucket.

To see the fill level from the inside, he fitted the urine container with a reed contact. In addition, Peter installed a small fan with an activated carbon filter in the disposal flap. If necessary, the fan can be switched on and off from the inside.

Peter writes: "The whole job was very time-consuming, though."

I can well imagine that when such a project is started. But the result was worth it. This self-built composting toilet is something to be proud of.

Versorgungsklappe mit Trennbehältern

At MeineTrenntoilette.de you will find the accessories you need to build your own composting toilet. Take a look.

However, if such an elaborate DIY project seems too complicated for you, I can recommend my In Vario DIY kits. Everything you need to set up a composting toilet is included. Or would you prefer a completely finished composting toilet? At MeineTrenntoilette.de you will find all the accessories you need to build your own composting toilet. Take a look.