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Conversion instructions Cassette toilet

Here is a step-by-step guide to rebuilding the old cassette toilet. The aim is to install a partition toilet.

In this case, the small Trelino was installed. But after the old cassette toilet has given way, you can eventually (depending on the dimensions) install all partition toilets.

Jonas drives a Bavaria Camp Sol y Sombra van from 2005, in which the standard wet cell including cassette toilet is fitted. He provides us with these step-by-step instructions for converting the cassette toilet. The text is primarily from Jonas with small additions from our side. You can find more detailed information about Jonas in his blog: Setting forth - Aufbruch.

Instructions for converting a cassette toilet

As can be seen in the photos above, this cassette toilet, also called a bench toilet, is to be replaced.

Jonas would like to use a partition toilet in his van and for this purpose the old Thetford camper van toilet has become superfluous.

This is exactly the situation most people face when they want to convert their cassette toilet. Depending on the model installed, you will find everything from a smaller stand-alone cassette toilet to fully lined bathrooms.

Where do I start? Where are the screws hidden? Can only the cassette toilet be removed or does the entire wet cell have to be unscrewed?

These questions pose minor and major challenges. Some people do not dare to do it at all. But thanks to such conversion instructions, the individual steps become visible and thus more feasible.

Here you can see which steps Jonas has implemented. The instructions can certainly be applied to your cassette toilet. Otherwise, the team at is at your disposal. Please contact us.

Schrauben lösen der Kassettentoilette

Banktoilette Kassettentoilette im Wohnmobil

Banktoilette Kassettentoilette von hinten nach Ausbau


Here you can see the four holes in the floor panel and behind them are the heating pipes and the wheel housing.


Banktoilette im Wohnmobil ausbauen - Holzfüße 

Now cut a base plate from, for example, OSB. For the Sol y Sombra, the dimensions are: 40 x 67 cm. The plate and the substructure are chosen so that they form one level with the shower tray cover.


Thanks to its low height, the Trelino fits under the washbasin.

Jonas screwed wooden strips onto the OSB board to fix it in place. This keeps the Trelino in place. 

When in use, the composting toilet is simply pulled forward. This way you have plenty of space when using and emptying it.


The lid is simply leaned against the wall and cannot slip away due to the wooden strip.