Composting toilet for the car

Hubert from Schleswig-Holstein wanted to replace the "wobbly plastic pot", as he wrote to us.

This refers to a Porta Potti that he and his wife use as a toilet in their van. After some research, the choice fell on a composting toilet for the beloved car.

Hubert had other motives for building a composting toilet than others, namely stability of the toilet. Hubert's wife is in a wheelchair and longed for a stable toilet as well as a better sitting position.

The Porta Potti no longer satisfied them. Because of the low seating position and the uncomfortable toilet seat, the Porta Potti was a pain to use. A new toilet for the car was needed.

Our car for the new composting toilet

Trenntoilette Auto

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DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Hubert wrote us the following: "Since I have to help my wife when she has to go out, we need space, so there was never any thought of building a mini bathroom in the car. The great side effect of being water-free and more independent is for many the main reason, for me a nice side thing. Our tours are short, we don't go to the desert and we don't want to spend two weeks on our own.

Trenntoilette Auto
Trenntoilette Auto
Trenntoilette Auto

Materials needed:

  • Urine container
  • Solid waste container
  • Compostable bags
  • Wooden case
  • Toilet seat

Do-it-yourself composting toilet for the car

Hubert wrote: "Our composting toilet was created from the simple kit
materials and a simple plastic clobber from the DIY store.
from the hardware store. The dimensions of the toilet were determined by the size of the elements.
elements, bucket, canister, separating insert and toilet seat just need their
their place. The toilet was made in one afternoon from a
from a used carpenter's board, nicely sanded and a little paint."


Trenntoilette Auto

Handling the composting toilet in the car

"Yes, the toilet has been used a few times now, it is stable and comfortable. After emptying the bladder, I spray some vinegar water into the urine separator, then it smells slightly of vinegar for a few minutes and the urine separator is clean. After major transactions, we put a new bag in the bucket and the used one ends up in the rubbish. We don't have a fume cupboard or a fan installed, pee with vinegar water doesn't smell and I don't go for a drive with the poo."
Trenntoilette Auto
TTT Auto
Porta Potti im Kastenwagen
Left: Separating toilet for the car interior view. Hubert has built a frame for the containers. This way they sit stable and tight. The second picture shows the old cassette toilet, the Porta Potti, which they no longer need!


"Sure I can is not like at home where you shoot 10 litres of best drinking water together with your excreta through the ceramic into is different, it's not perfect but it's good and definitely better than motorway loo, squatting in the bushes or a rickety plastic pot." Thank you Hubert for your self-build report with all the details. We wish you a safe journey! To our self-build reports.