Composting toilet in a TinyHouse

Trenntoilette TinyHouse

More and more TinyHouse owners decide for a composting toilet, including Peter. In order to remain independent, an alternative toilet is very important. After all, TinyHouses have no connection to the public sewage system.

Peter bought a kit from The kit consists of the following components:

  • Wooden housing
  • Dividing insert
  • Toilet seat (now new in wood)
  • Urine canister
  • Solids container
  • Mounting material

So everything is included here to easily set up a composting toilet without having to buy anything else. There is no electrical connection or fan. Therefore, no hose is needed and no hole has to be drilled for the exhaust air.

Peter has provided us with a few pictures that we would like to share with you. There is not much to say about the assembly, as the kit can be assembled in just a few steps. The Lamello Cabineo connectors are simply connected with the tools supplied. Nothing could be easier!

Composting toilet in the TinyHouse

Trenntoilette TinyHouseTrenntoilette TinyHouse

Trenntoilette TinyHouse

The containers of the composting toilet can be emptied very easily by opening the toilet upwards. Both containers can then be lifted out. The majority of composting toilet users use compostable bags or bin liners to simplify emptying. This way, only the bag is removed from the composting toilet and thrown into a waste bin. With this kit, you will need to empty the solid waste container approximately every 5-10 days and the urine will be collected for approximately 2-4 days. Afterwards, disposal is recommended.