Composting toilet in the van

Günter has already built the second composting toilet for his Pössl panel van.

The first version (pictured below) had a hinged lid to access the containers inside the dry composting toilet. However, the hinged lid needs space to be placed vertically.

Because the composting toilet did not fit into the van, Günter had to come up with a solution.

He decided to rebuild the composting toilet for his van. He has provided with a few pictures for inspiration.

By the way, Günter is selling the prototype of his composting toilet at a favourable price. So if you are interested or need more details first, please feel free to contact us.

Photo inspirations

Material used

Pressed toothed plate 1.5 - 2 cm for seat surface
  • Wooden boards for housing
  • Plastic storage box for solids
  • Urine canister
  • Privy 500 Urine separator

The challenge of building a dry composting toilet in a van is the tight space.

At 45 cm long, the divider would not have fit into the narrow niche in the bathroom.

As you can see in the photos, Günter made the edge of the divider significantly smaller. This enabled him to save valuable centimetres.

You can find all the information about the dividing toilet in our frequently asked questions or in our blog.

The biggest obstacle before installing a composting toilet in a van or motorhome is the decision to convert.

Very few people want to carry out major conversion work involving drilling, screwing or even sawing in their mobile vehicle, unless it is an older model that was purchased for a conversion.

After weighing up for some time whether one is confident enough to carry out the conversion work, the decision is finally made in favour of it.

Why? The shortcomings of the cassette toilet, such as short disposal intervals, unpleasant odours, disposal situation and costs, outweigh the benefits and finally lead to the conversion.

Those who do not have the confidence to carry out the conversion work usually buy a ready-made composting toilet. In the end, 99 % of customers are very satisfied with their new dry composting toilet and enjoy their newfound independence to the fullest.

Therefore, we would like to say THANK YOU to all pioneers for their courage, for their energy and for providing the final results.

We have already received numerous creative ideas, which we also publish here. Countless people have already been encouraged by this to use a composting toilet and have been inspired by the do-it-yourself constructions.