Composting toilet in the weekend house

My dream toilet - the composting toilet in the garden shed

This place is simply special for me. Not only because the toilet is there, but because of the view.

In the seclusion out here, the only thing I was missing was the right toilet, which I have now built myself.

Since I have neither water nor sewage here, the only alternative was the composting toilet (dry toilet). And I have not regretted it.

But here are the details:

The insert can be removed without tools. The entire lid can be opened to remove the faeces bucket (22l) and the urine canister (10L).

In addition, the lid can be lifted upwards, also without tools.

About the dimensions:

Box: Width = 42cm / Length = 51cm (Total with toilet lid = 59cm) / Seat height = 43cm

To ventilate the toilet:

At the moment I have only installed an activated carbon mat. I can add a fan later if necessary.

I have read many reports where people use their toilet in the motorhome and don't use the fan because it doesn't smell without it.

I don't have any experience of this yet, so I've gone the simple, electricity-free route.

Especially as we only use the toilet "outside" at the moment.

In autumn we'll put it inside. Then I'll be curious. Otherwise, the fan will be retrofitted.

This is my first privy. My prototype, so to speak.

I have learned some new things:

For example, the box is oiled.

Or the hinge for opening the lid, which can be removed at the same time without tools, is also a proprietary development.

I have a lot of fun with this thing.

And the next one is already being planned.

Yours, Walter

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Then there is...

A replaceable activated carbon mat is installed at the rear. Of course, it can be changed without tools.

In summer (i.e. now) our bed is right next door. We sleep outside, protected from the rain, with all the luxury that befits "kings".

We also have our throne now. Fantastic.

Here is the view from the throne:


Pictures and text: Walter Wieland, Switzerland