Composting toilet to find peace

Trenntoiletten Selbstbau

Disguised as a meditation bench, here is a self-built composting toilet by Peter. Wallpapered with wonderful spiritual thoughts to help you find peace in the quiet room.

Individual parts

Peter bought a do-it-yourself kit from, which consists of the following parts:

  • Urine separator white
  • Urine canister
  • Solids container
  • Compostable bags

He built the housing himself. Peter loves the Euro boxes from the DIY store and uses them for the most diverse purposes. The next pictures show how the composting toilet is stowed in the Euro-Box.

He writes: "In my VW bus I put clothes, food, beach stuff, a two-burner cooker including fuel, and now also my TTT in it."

Bau Trenntoilette

Bau Trenntoilette



Peter has chosen the following dimensions for the composting toilet:
LxWxH = 49 x 35 x 42 cm.

He built a square box out of plywood boards. Inside, small strips and spacers are positioned so that the canisters are stable during the journey and do not wobble. He also painted everything white to protect the wood.
The lid is opened with the help of hinges. Two chains hold it in place so that it does not tip backwards.
Bau Trenntoilette
Bau Trenntoilette
Peter writes: "Using the "napkin technique", I glued & painted over pages from an old meditation booklet, which I think suits a quiet place of contemplation". We think so too! The result is very beautiful and a good idea how to visually embellish a composting toilet.