Installation of a composting toilet for motorhome garden or weekend house

What does a composting toilet look like from the inside?

The composting toilet basically consists of only 3 main elements.

a) the urine separator (available from Trelino®, Separett).

b) the solids tank (usually a bucket)

c) and the urine tank (or canister).

The latter can also be replaced by a hose to drain the urine into a larger tank.

You can find more information about this in the shop.

--> On the subject of urine separators, I would like to recommend this blog article.

Building a composting toilet yourself?

If you're a bit handy, you can build a composting toilet yourself.

If you take a few things into account, you'll never want to do without it again.

You can find some really good instructions on the web, or just write to me.

By the way, in the near future I'll be presenting some of my customers' DIY projects here.

Buying a separation toilet?

By the way, there are also ready-made composting toilets. So you don't necessarily have to build them yourself. In the following, I have differentiated between categories:

Prefabricated composting toilets for the stationary area

For garden houses and Tiny Houses, there are already quite attractive variants that look quite similar to household toilets.

Separett has made a name for itself here with the "Villa 9010".

Disadvantage: Both require a separate urine tank that has to be placed outside the toilet. Therefore, they are not the first choice for mobile applications such as camper vans/boats, etc.

Composting toilets for mobile use

For mobile use, there are currently 3 American versions available for purchase, and recently also something from Germany.

The American ones are from NaturesHead and the not so well-known C-Head. Unfortunately, these are typically "American". And that's unfortunately what they look like...

You can tell that they were developed primarily for boat building. They look very similar to typical marine toilets.

However, these two have an interesting feature: they can also compost.

Here, the "fresh solid" is stirred in by means of a crank and thus mixed with the already older solid. This means that you usually don't need any additional litter to dry the solids.

Also, these toilets are quite expensive, look modest and have to be completely removed to empty the solids.

But you don't need bags and can go up to 3 weeks without emptying the solids.

Recently, there are also two from Germany.

These come from master carpenters who know a lot about furniture construction.

On the one hand, the In-Vario kit

(for self-assembly and self-painting).

Here with Separett 503 separating insert.

(The 500/400 from Separett also fits).

Dimensions: W/D = 44/ 48 cm / seat height = 45 cm

incl. 10L urine container on board.

Schreiner composting toilet

Another composting toilet from Schreiner-Hand is the Schreiner composting toilet.

This is delivered completely assembled and only needs to be connected. That is, to a power source if a fan is desired.

The toilet uses the Trelino composting insert as the separation medium. And one of the most compact toilet seats on the market.

Therefore, this toilet is very compact. You can buy it here in the shop.

Other features:

The joiner delivers in white.


Width = 36cm / Depth = 45cm / Seat height = 45cm (49cm). The urine tank with 10L and solids container is also integrated here.

In the coming weeks and months I will present more alternatives. If you don't want to miss anything, sign up directly for our newsletter: Der Schreiner liefert in weiß.


Width = 36cm / Depth = 45cm / Seat height = 45cm (49cm). Here, too, the urine tank with 10L and solids container are integrated.

In the coming weeks and months I will present more alternatives. 

My conclusion

I hope I was able to give you an understanding of the composting toilet. Maybe you are also thinking about a composting toilet. I would be happy to 😉 .

Is there anything you are particularly interested in?

Please leave me a comment or write to me directly.

Your Markus from

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