Installation of the NaturesHead in the van

Jürgen has replaced his standard cassette toilet in the van with a NaturesHead composting toilet. He described the installation of the NaturesHead and made it available to me.

Jürgen writes: "The installation in our Pössl was easy to do." He drives a Pössl 2 WinR panel van. Here are his installation details.

Individual construction measures for the installation of the NaturesHead

NaturesHead eingebaut
  • Removing the cassette toilet
  • Disconnecting the power and water connections
  • Opening through the service flap, with
  • opening cover (grille)
  • Additional fan fitted (80 mm, extra quiet)
  • Power supply directly from the on-board battery (fuse additional) with two additional switches
  • Fitting of the panelling (glossy black acrylic glass)
  • Mounting of the brackets for the dry composting toilet

Implementation of the individual construction measures

Removing the cassette toilet was quite easy. Only a few screws held the cassette toilet shaft in place.

In addition, the 12 V plug and the water hose had to be disconnected. The whole thing took only 10 minutes. The toilet was so easy to pull out.

Kassettentoilette Ausbau

Installing the power connection for the NaturesHead

A power supply is needed to install the NaturesHead. Jürgen installed this in the floor where the hot pipes run along.

In a van, the entire electrical system runs via the EBL electrical block. So the wiring for the dry composting toilet also had to be routed through here. This allows the power supply to be switched off via the main panel.

Therefore, the coupling via the on-board battery with an extra fuse box was necessary.

The fan was given a separate switch so that it could be controlled separately.

The installation was done via a standard power socket. Jürgen installed the 80 mm fan in it. The standard hose connection, which was included with the NaturesHead at, was then mounted on the box.

NaturesHead Einbau

Installation of the NaturesHead

The supplied angles were fixed in the floor with the corresponding screws. However, Jürgen only screwed the brackets on in one direction, as the left-hand bracket is not visible when the composting toilet is mounted. This made it unnecessary to attach an additional board.

Here is another look behind the NaturesHead. He has inserted two more 90° angles with a diameter of 40 mm. An acrylic plate serves as cladding. "...visually, this seemed to us to be the optimal solution."

Conclusion on the installation of the NaturesHead

"The bottom line is that I'm excited about the idea of a composting toilet, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the NaturesHead performs. The impression is good and it seems stable. Installation was easy with little effort."

The NaturesHead fits exactly into the Pössl, but it shouldn't be any bigger, Jürgen continues. The installation would be even easier if an additional fan and an extra switch were dispensed with. Jürgen likes to tinker and has therefore made the effort.

The power wiring could also be taken over from the removed cassette toilet. It should be noted, however, that the fan switches off when the EBL is switched off.