Our self-built dry toilet in a 4-person truck

Thorsten has built a dry toilet for 4 people in his truck camper. During two holidays it was used by the four family members and they are all very enthusiastic.

They bought the Separett Privy 400 composting insert from us.

From their point of view, the installation was very easy. Even the operation of the toilet including disposal is no hurdle.

Another positive aspect is that the dry toilet is almost odourless.

They make do with small animal litter for the solids and some old coffee grounds, which bind the smell very well. They still want to install a PC fan, which will then ventilate immediately after business.

Benefits at a glance

  • Simple installation
  • simple operation
  • almost odourless
  • easy disposal, thanks to compostable bags
  • no water necessary

The urine is collected in a 15 litre canister. This way, even with 4 people, they rarely have to go to disposal stations.

True to the motto: "Stay longer in your favourite place". This is a huge advantage if the family wants to be self-sufficient for a long time.

After all, the urine canister can be emptied at any toilet. No fresh water is needed to use the dry toilet.

The dry toilet can be used immediately without any preparation, even for spontaneous trips at short notice.

Thorsten and his family have a better conscience with the Kopost toilet than with a chemical toilet.

They say: "When installed, we find it much more visually appealing than a plastic toilet, and we were also very satisfied with the purchase process - we'd be happy to do it again!

I have attached a few pictures of our solution."

Trockentoilette Selbstbau
geöffnete Trockentoilette

Many thanks to Thorsten and his family for providing the photos and text.

In our shop, you can either find the divider inserts individually or a complete set to build your own divider toilet. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you with advice. Please contact us by e-mail: kontakt@meinetrenntoilette.de


Are you also planning to build a composting toilet yourself or have you already built one? Share the result of your composting toilet with us!