The 7 most important points to consider when buying a motorhome composting toilet

Before I start with the actual text, I would like to introduce you to the most popular composting toilets / dry separation toilets for motorhomes in a picture comparison:

I will then go into more detail about special requirements below. This is also interesting for those who want to build a dry separation toilet for their motorhome themselves.

Enjoy reading.

Overview of the most popular motorhome dry separation toilets:

Trockentrenntoiletten f├╝r Wohnmobile als Fotocollage

(more information on the separation toilets / dry separation toilets / composting toilets shown here can be found below).


I'm glad you're here and interested in a sustainable dry separation toilet for your motorhome / motorhome and van.

As the title suggests, in this article I would like to go into important aspects that you should consider if you want to install a dry separation toilet in your motorhome.

If you want to know exactly how a dry separation toilet works, please read this article: --> How a separation toilet works.

For whom is a composting toilet in a motorhome suitable?

For everyone. Both women and men, as well as children, can use dry separation toilets in the motorhome. A separation toilet is basically like a normal toilet, except that you don't flush anything away, but separate your liquids from your solids.

What do I have to consider when using a dry separation toilet in a motorhome?

You should bear the following in mind, regardless of whether you later build your own dry separation toilet for your motorhome or install a ready-made dry separation toilet in your motorhome.

Are the containers "rattle-proof"?

I.e. are the containers (urine and solids) built into the DrySeparatingToilet in such a way that they meet your requirements for the way you travel?

Don't you slide right through the toilet or even fall over when you first brake?

If you take your vehicle off-road, it should also be possible to close them or empty them beforehand!

Can you screw your dry separation toilet in the motorhome properly?

You should also think about this. Your dry separation toilet is like a piece of luggage. You should be able to bolt it down so that it stays in place even during a hard braking manoeuvre.

What are my planned emptying intervals for your motorhome dry composting toilet?

Do I have the option of disposing of my dry composting toilet regularly? Yes, even a dry separation toilet has to be disposed of at some point ­čśë .

Although it does not require a disposal station, your urine and solids do need to come out of the toilet at some point.

Depending on your travel behaviour, it may be sufficient to have all the containers installed directly in the dry toilet - i.e. as an all-in-one variant - and empty it regularly.

But maybe it also makes sense to think about a large urine tank under the vehicle....

This gives you the freedom to be on the road longer without emptying your urine, but it also restricts you - because you don't use 30-50 litres of urine for "fertilising". You should also think about an odour trap.

Or maybe you are travelling with a van and only want to use the separation toilet as an emergency toilet instead of a PortaPoti? Then it should be as compact, small and portable as possible.

To the motorhome separation toilets


Dry separation toilet types for your motorhome

Basically, the following types of dry separation toilets can be distinguished for use in a motorhome:

Motorhome DrySeparatingToilets with urine container and change bag

These are the most common type of dry separation toilet for motorhomes.

With this dry separation toilet, the urine is fed into a container (canister) via a separating insert. The solids fall into a bucket lined with a bag.

After going to the toilet, the solids are then covered with litter so that they can dry.

In addition, a built-in fan ensures the removal of the first direct odours and supports the drying of the solid matter so that no odours can arise here.


  • Simple construction (can also be built by the user)
  • bag can simply be disposed of with the residual waste
  • easy handling: containers can be removed easily


  • Litter has to be put in after each visit to the toilet
  • after approx. 3-7 days the solid waste bag should be disposed of
  • Bags do not belong on the compost

Dry separation toilets for motorhomes with agitator

This is a dry separation toilet, also called a composting toilet, designed primarily for long-term travellers.

Unlike the normal "bucket/bag" dry separation toilet, this type of dry separation toilet has a stirring insert in the solids container.

This means that the faeces are simply stirred in after going to the toilet, so that it is covered by a layer of previously applied litter.

There is no need to add small animal litter after toilet use, as is the case with bucket dry separation toilets.

A litter mixture is prepared before using the toilet.

Depending on whether you throw in toilet paper or not, the DrySeparatingToilet can cope with 30-60 toilet trips before the solids container has to be emptied.

The urine container, of course, needs to be emptied sooner....


  • long interval before the solid has to be emptied
  • easy handling when going to the toilet
  • no additional litter needed during use


  • The entire dry separation toilet has to be removed for emptying, as the solids tank is also the toilet substructure.
  • Toilet paper should be collected separately
  • Currently not very visually appealing

Buy a ready-made dry separation toilet for your motorhome or build it yourself?

Here it's really up to you. Dry separation toilets are not rocket science. Anyone who knows how to handle wood can build a suitable dry separation toilet themselves.

Depending on the space available and the layout of your camper, sometimes the dry separation toilets you buy won't fit.

There are various do-it-yourself toilet kits for this purpose.

I have compiled an overview of the most common dry separation toilets for you here:

--> the 6 most popular dry separation toilets for motorhomes...

If you decide to build your own dry separation toilet, find out about the most popular and best separation inserts.

These are the heart of your new separation toilet.

--> the 4 best separation toilet inserts for your separation toilet

You can find a complete overview of dividers and do-it-yourself kits here:

  • All Urine separators
  • All kits

My conclusion

Sustainable camping also requires a sustainable toilet. With the dry separation toilet, we are already taking another step in this direction.

I hope I could interest you a little in this alternative toilet. Please leave me a comment.

If you have any additions, I am also happy about your comment. That way we can always make this blog a little better together.

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