The big composting toilet comparison 2021

Composting toilets are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are committed to the environment and are questioning time-honoured behaviour. This is also clearly noticeable in the camping community. The classic chemical toilet is more and more frequently giving way to alternative toilet solutions. More and more motorhome and van manufacturers are addressing the issue and offering their customers suitable solutions.

What can you expect?

Here you can download the composting toilet report and find all the most important information clearly summarised. In addition, we took time to compare and contrast numerous portable toilets available on the market. In addition, there is information, descriptions and recommendations on the individual composting toilets. The assessments described are based on customer opinions. 

Main topics

The following main topics can be found in our composting toilet guide:

  1. The principle of the composting toilet
  2. The main differences between composting toilets
  3. Prejudices and common questions
  4. Requirements for your composting toilet
  5. Criteria for product evaluation in the comparison report
  6. Overview of urine-diverting toilets
  7. Conclusion and recommendations
  8. FAQs
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