The mobile toilet for fishing: Robust solution to the problem of compulsory toileting for night anglers

Anglers do not have it easy these days.

Since a few weeks, a new regulation has been in force that makes toilets compulsory for anglers and/or night anglers¹.

Trelino® is now presenting a robust and portable solution so that anglers can once again devote themselves to their favourite pastime with confidence: a mobile toilet for fishing.

In this article we have briefly and compactly summarised for you whether it delivers what it promises.

The most robust mobile fishing toilet for use in the most adverse conditions in the fight against compulsory toileting. 

Most of the time you have to when there is no toilet nearby - the likelihood increases immeasurably when you already spend hours out in nature.

What is a real pleasure within the four walls at home can become a real challenge in nature.

From the classic - and much loved by some fans - folding spade to portable chemical toilets or wobbly tripods, the toilet market is peppered with half-baked solutions that are no good in real use.

Much to the displeasure of the community, compulsory toilets are now being introduced.

Anglers from Sicily to Sweden agree: it has to be compact, it has to be ready for immediate use, it has to be maintenance-free and it has to be able to hold its own for a longer session.

Already last year, Trelino® introduced its most compact product, the Trelino S.

Since then, numerous enthusiastic customers from the fishing sector but also from the camping segment swear by their Trelino. Could this be the right mobile toilet for fishing?

Nothing new for some, a revelation for others. The Trelino® keeps its promise.

At 34x40x30 (WTH), it is not only the most compact mobile toilet of its kind, it is also washable and extremely durable thanks to its robust plastic body.

Whether under a starry sky or inside a closed tent or semi-open windbreak, thanks to the magnetic lid no odour can escape even after several category 2 transactions.

The lid is made of a waterproof glued multiplex board. It is inherently robust enough to be used as a step or stool.


Trelino disciples report that even when directly exposed to the weather, the wood only shows signs of wear.

If you regularly want to take a seat with your waders, the community recommends finishing the lid with a varnish afterwards, as can be seen in the picture.

The Trelino can now even be ordered in the colour green, matching the fishing, and fits perfectly into the environment of nature.

Anglers and campers confirm: The Trelino® is the perfect companion for every outdoor adventure

mobile Toilette angeln

Made of high-quality, recyclable plastic², the Trelino® is up to any challenge.

Specially designed for outdoor use, it is robust enough to continue to perform faithfully even after many years of use. It is very popular as a mobile toilet for fishing.

With a tare weight of only 5.5 kg and a maximum load of >150 kg, it is ideal for "small and large".

But not only the materials are sustainable, also the daily use happens completely without additional water or chemicals thanks to the intelligent separation mechanism.

All human residues can be disposed of or composted in an environmentally friendly way after use.

In this way, the Trelino® ensures a responsible approach to nature and fellow anglers.

Only schadenfreude, when the fishing friend unexpectedly steps into a pile, is put on the back burner by the Trelino.

Where do anglers have to show a mobile toilet and what consequences can be expected?

As a result of the disrespectful treatment of nature by a few, the Fischereiverband Mittelfranken e.V. has pulled the emergency brake since the beginning of 2021 and announced the obligation of mobile camping toilets for the following waters in Middle Franconia:

The RMD Canal in Middle Franconia,
the Happurger Stau- and Baggersee as well as other lakes, such as
Altmühlsee, Igelsbachsee, Rothsee, Großer and Kleiner Brombachsee.
At present, warnings are still occasionally issued by the control authorities in the event of a breach of the regulation.

However, if a fisheries inspector is unable to show a toilet at one of the above-mentioned locations, he or she is entitled to make an unattractive entry on the permit.

A little tip: getting worked up and arguing won't help. The wardens are entitled to enforce expulsions, fishing bans or fines if there is a lack of cooperation or an inappropriate choice of words. And - to make matters worse - you have to clean up the mess yourself.

So think twice and help to keep nature enjoyable and relaxing for all of us.

This applies not only to Middle Franconia, but to spots, lakes, rivers and bodies of water all over the world. And besides, a comfortable toilet like this for the road is what makes adventure really worth living.

If you're wondering where you can dispose of your waste afterwards, take a look at our article.

In this sense, stay healthy, all the best and Petri Heil!

What toilet facilities do you use when out and about in nature? We look forward to your comments!