... when it's at its best - DIY of a composting toilet

Self-built composting toilet - Alpaka-Hof Carpe Diem

It's so beautiful on the alpaca farm in northern Germany that you won't want to leave.

And to make the walk with the animals as long a pleasure as possible, you also need an appropriate quiet place.
Renate shared her self-build report of the dry composting toilet with me.

She had great support from her son-in-law, who is a carpenter.

The result of the dry toilet speaks for itself.

Trockentrenntoilette außen im Alpakahof

The composting toilet was installed in the outdoor area of the alpaca farm Carpe Diem. It has been in use since spring 2019 and Renate is very satisfied with the system. She bought the individual parts from MeineTrenntoilette.de.

Here are a few impressions of how the composting toilet was installed. Let yourself be inspired.

Trockentrenntoilette Alpakahof
Trockentoilette mit geöffneter Klappe
TTT von innen

The construction consists of a wooden frame covered with wooden panels.

This has become a noble outdoor dry composting toilet. The toilet house also protects it from the weather and can be used discreetly.

There is space on the side for a container with litter.

Individual parts for do-it-yourself construction

  • Urine separator
  • Urine canister
  • Solids container

Completely available as a self-assembly set with toilet seat.
Urinbehälter und Feststoffkanister

At the back of the toilet construction there is a flap that can be opened upwards.

This gives access to the solids and urine container so that they can be emptied regularly. An ideal solution for outdoor construction...

TTT Zugang zu den Eimern

The photo on the right shows the urine container with the hose insert. This way, the urine goes exactly where it is supposed to go.

The picture on the left shows the composting toilet from behind, with the flap open to empty the containers.

Urinbehälter mit Schlauch

Many thanks to Renate for the beautiful photos of the composting toilet from the alpaca farm. The TTT in the outdoor area is really a very successful self-construction.

Alpaka Hof

Those who are further interested in the alpaca farm can gather more impressions on Facebook under "Carpe Diem Alpacas" and Instagram under "alpakahofcarpediem".