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Luxury Composting Toilet

Can a composting toilet also be beautiful?

The carpenter’s composting toilet for my Eura motor home

So far, composting toilets have always seemed a bit ‘environmental’. A lot of wood and very angular.

Michael, my friend the carpenter, has taken an interest in the subject.

In the home, he naturally likes beautiful furniture.

He has now dared to try his hand at the composting toilet for my new motor home. And I’m as pleased as Punch that it is finally finished.

Recently my family travelled with me and the toilet through Northern Germany for 3 weeks. We saw a lot and also used the new composting toilet a lot. 

Actually we used it exclusively. Because, put simply, it is comfortable and beautiful. 

More about my other experiences later.

But now for the technical information

This composting toilet is (still) made of wood and the shape of the toilet seat – incidentally a household toilet seat in form D – is adapted to match.

The cover goes completely over the toilet seat. As a result, the composting toilet closes very securely.

The solids tank and the urine tank are already built in. A fan with a 12 V connection is attached at the back.

I am currently using the “old suction” fan for my motor home. This is sufficient, but according to the SOG factory specification it is not designed for continuous operation. We usually only run it during the day and switch it off at night.

Most of you will also be interested in the dimensions. 

  • Width: about 36 cm
  • Height: about 49 cm
  • Seat height: approx. 45 cm
  • Depth: about 45 cm
  • Urine tank: 10 L

Do you want to learn more?

Write to me: I will then answer your questions here over time.

Yours, Markus

Pictures and text: Markus

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